Club Members And Their Machines

Burt Biermann And His Pusher Design_Rotax 503 DCDI with 3.47 C-box Big Bird

Downloaded multiple plans from internet and used designs from plans and advice from knowledgable gyro pilots to build an ultralight gyrocopter. The wings are red 23\' McCutcheon Skywheels. Prop is 68" three blade powerfin. This is a warm-weather machine and I have flown ten flights so far. The longest flight so far is 18 miles and the gyro is very stable and I am testing different pitches and fine tuning of the rotor. The takeoff is very exhilarating and is very vertical at a clinb speed of 40 mph.

Greg & Steph Gremminger And His Magni M16

Bob Heimberger And His Magni M-16

Dave Herrmann And His Modified Bensen Single Place

Hi. I am Dave Herrmann. My passion for flying began when I was still in my single digits. My Dad had a 1940s vintage Cessna and by age 10 I had my first set of Hang Glider plans. At 21 I owned my first Hang Glider and flew engine-free for about 9 years before discovering the "gyrocopter". I have been flying gyros since 1990, and have accumulated over 1000 hrs. I currently hold a Sport Pilot license with single place, side by side, and tandem sign-offs. I am also the club President and web master. Some of my most memorable flights are the 260 mile trips to and from the PRA convention in Mentone, Indiana.

John Wohaska And His Sparrowhawk

Flying gyros since September 2000. Plans built modified Bensen single place. Currently building a Sparrowhawk gyro.