Dave Herrmann
Vice President:
Greg Gremminger

John Wohaska
(636) 296-4123

The St. Louis Rotorcraft Club provides an environment of recreation and education to promote fun and safety in flying, building, and maintaining gyroplanes and light helicopters. The St. Louis Rotorcraft Club is a chapter of the Popular Rotorcraft Association, PRA, and has active members from several states surrounding the St. Louis area. Meetings and fly-ins are held on a regular basis. Our club has a licensed Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) who is able to provide ground school and flight training in a 2 seat Magni M-16 Gyroplane. The St. Louis Rotorcraft Club has been, and continues to be actively involved in the development and implementation of the new Sport Pilot and Light Sport Aircraft categories. Please enjoy browsing our site and consider becoming a club member. Annual dues are $15.00. All members receive a club newsletter and have full voting privileges.

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